Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants

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PD Dr. Andreas Fleischmann

PD Dr. Andreas Fleischmann

Curator of Vascular Plants, Lecturer, Researcher


Botanische Staatssammlung München
Menzinger Straße 67
80638 München

Room: 130, 1st floor
Phone: +49 89 17861-240
Fax: +49 89 17861-193




Research interests

  • Systematics and evolution of carnivorous plant families (especially Droseraceae and Lentibulariaceae)
  • Carnivorous plant – animal interactions (pollinator-prey spectra, mutualists, herbivores)
  • Biology of parasitic plants (especially Orobanchaceae and Cuscuta) and mycoheterotrophic plants (especially Burmanniaceae and Gentianaceae)
  • Pollination biology, insect – flower interactions
  • Biology, phylogeny and systematics of the genus Drosera
  • Flora of Bavaria

Current projects

  • Prey spectra of carnivorous plants and selective prey attraction, especially in the genus Drosera. Cooperation with Dr. Adam Cross and M.Sc. Thilo Krueger, Curtin University, Western Australia.
  • Systematics, taxomony and evolution of Genlisea (Lentibulariaceae)
  • Systematics and evolution of the genus Heliamphora (Sarraceniaceae)
  • Taxonomic revision of Drosera.
  • Contributor to the 98th, edited volume of the German flora field guide “Schmeil-Fitschen: Flora von Deutschland”.